I don’t see myself as a ‘this or that’ sort of writer. Academia was my first frame of writing, leaning into the metaphysical realm of philosophy, and fiction helped ground some of those abstractions into concrete images. Fiction and literature were some of my first loves in childhood, and I came to find the chracter development, sense memory, and duality of the worlds we live in for artistry benefitted me as an actor. Screenwriting of course soon followed this pursuit. Being in the master class of Martha Gehman (The Actor’s Studio) brought me to write poetry. I have written songs that I later recorded and sung in professional studio since its owner Tim Armstrong (Operation Ivy, Rancid) told me simply “A writer writes, if you can write a poem you can write a song.” He followed this with beckoning me to the microphone, citing the same logic that as a performer I can’t exempt myself in this realm either. NYU: Gallatin versed me in the field of Interdisciplinary Study, and so I approach artistry from the empirical sense of melding and pushing boundaries. But for clarity’s sake, here are some variations of my work.